Cenpa. More than 120 years of tradition in papermaking

Since 1893, with the commissioning of a paper mill, the site has been producing paper. We are proud of our more than 120-year-long tradition and expertise that we continously further develop.

The beginnings

The name Cenpa stands for a long tradition of papermaking in Schweighouse. The construction of a dyer mill in 1793 marked the beginning of industrialization in the Alsace region. In 1893, the site was converted into a paper mill, called "Unterelsässische Papierfabrik". Many local families worked there, and benefitted from the company's housing and leisure activities, such as a public park and a factory orchestra. At that time, pulp was being produced on site and a total 4 paper machines was being operated.

During the wars

After the First World War the mill was sold to Bank Stählin from Strasbourg. 1919, one year later, the mill was renamed "Papeteries du Bas-Rhin". By the merger with two other paper mills in 1929, the Paper Group Cenpa was created. A fifth machine, the most advanced paper machine in Europe at that time, completed the site in Schweighouse. The Group Cenpa grew up to nine sites in France, in Schweighouse 800 people were employed. The Second World War marked also for the company a historic break. Under German hands, the mill was renamed in 1940 to "Papiermühle Schweighausen AG". Finally, because of the war, it came to a total stop of production and the almost complete destruction of the mill by Allied bombing.

As part of large corporations

After reconstruction was completed, eliminating the war damage, the site merged in 1960 with the La Rochette group to "Rochette Cenpa" which was renamed in 1976 to "Rochette Alsace". At that time, about 260 employees were employed at the mill. In 1998, through the acquisition of Rochette Alsace's tube activities by the American group Sonoco, the mill changed its name to "Sonoco Paper France". From then on, it produced mainly for the Group's own core factories the required coreboard products.


As a separate and independent paper mill

In May 2016, Schweighouse became an independent, stand-alone paper mill, through the acquisition of the activities of Sonoco Paper France by the German group mutares AG. Due to the history of the site and the regional identity, it was decided to give back the former name Cenpa to the mill. Re-taking the original name marks the link between the company's beginnings and today, emphasizing its long paper tradition and regional roots in Alsace, in Schweighouse-sur-Moder.