We help our customers grow

Our mission is to be a trusted partner for our customers

Since May 2016 we are an independent paper mill. As before, we provide our customers with our products and services in known qualities and specifications. Being independent now, our aim is to become our customers' trusted partner for support in finding answers to questions related not only to paperboard and hygienic board, but also related to strategy. Being non-integrated, we can offer independent advice on product strategy and business development.

We want to shape the future

We see ourselves as strategic partner in our customers' development. Therefore, having a over 120-year long tradition in papermaking is great - but it is not more than just the start: Based on our existing expertise we stay up to date and strive daily to improve our products, processes and services.

We offer independent support and advice

We want to be our customers' sparrings partner when it comes to providing support not only in delivering the right product but also in discussing strategy and future development. As independent paper mill we are able to give our customers independent advice and to search for solutions and paths that are adapted to our customers' individual needs.

Let's discuss together how we can support you and get in touch with us.